Novaflex Extruded Material Handling Hose


1-2 Day Lead Time (Subject to Change)

WARNING: We are not responsible for the misuse of our products. These products may cause cancer. CAGE CODE: 8GK08
ANID: AN01044529311

A flexible, chemical resistant hose featuring a thermoplastic rubber tube and a molecularly bonded polypropylene helix. This hose has a heavy duty wall with superior chemical resistance that is ideal for dry and wet fertilizers. Green external helix for safety. Smooth interior for optimum product flow. Uniform chemical and temperature resistance.

Applications Agricultural fertilizers Marine Liquid waste - septic tank service Dewatering Swimming pool maintenance Water discharge Medium duty material handling

Construction Product code: 9SFAGRX

Material: Thermoplastic rubber Diameters: 1‚¬� to 6‚¬�

Weight 3‚¬� = 1.2 lbs/ft Lengths:

Diameters 1‚¬� to 4‚¬� 

Temperature range: -60°F (-51ºC) to 225°F (107ºC)

Color: Black with green wear strip

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