Novaflex U-Lok 431 Ducting

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WARNING: We are not responsible for the misuse of our products. These products may cause cancer. CAGE CODE: 8GK08
ANID: AN01044529311

For superior fume control Novaflex offers a range of ultra high performance material. Even the most noxious fumes can be contained to meet today‚¬s stringent health and environmental requirements. Novaflex U-Lok 431, FKM coated polyester duct, provides increased strength for hose reel applications and enhanced chemical fume resistance. U-Lok 431 provides good exhaust temperature resistance.

Applications Highly corrosive fumes Hot exhaust High temperature where silicone is not permitted Diesel exhaust extraction where temperature permits.

*Please consult factory for proper duct sizing. Specifications Product Code: 3UL431

Material: Polyester/FKM coated

Construction: Mechanical bond, corrosion resistant helix

Diameters: 3‚¬� to 24 ‚¬œ I.D. Larger sizes available Bend Radius 1.5 x I.D. Weight: 6‚¬� I.D. = .9 lbs/ft Length: 25ft Compression Ratio: 4:1

Temperature Range: -60°F to +400°F (+500°F intermittent) Color: Red orange

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